Even More Problems With Conventional Phones:

conventional phone

4. There Is More Fixed Delay:

Signals travel from one conventional telephone to another over copper wire. However, VoIP service transmits the signals wirelessly. In some cases, satellites are used to facilitate VoIP communication between different regions of the world.

5. You Might Not Be Able To Call Someone Who Uses A VoIP Service:

While these aren’t the only reasons why a conventional telephone service could be incompatible with a VoIP service, these are some of the most common reasons for the problem:

The conventional telephone is designed to offer satellite TV.
It has a digital recorder.
The phone is an alarm system.
The conventional phone does not have any PTSN.

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6. If You Do Business In Other Countries, It Will Get Expensive?

Depending on the telephone service that you have, you could end up paying more than five dollars per minute for an international call! If you have a conversation for an hour, you could easily end up paying more than a hundred dollars for the call.