PCB Technology: What is involved in the manufacturing process?

printed circuit board

PCB board technology has come a long way, but it is not a new technology. It has been around in theory as long as the modern computer has and serves as the heart of any working computer system. But computers are not the only place you will find PC board technologies.

In this post, we will take a look at several places that printed circuit boards are used and describe the way that they contribute to the inner mechanisms of various devices as well as the modern applications that influence it.

Computers and smartphones

pcb benefitsFirst, the obvious. Are we stated in previous posts, computers are smartphones are the most common answer you get when you ask the average person where they would find a PCB board. Computers and smartphones use this technology to operate, and without it, they would just be a piece of metal and a useless device.

Computers and smartphone devices rely on the inner core mechanisms that work within the PCI board that most everyday users know nothing about. It is the designers and developers of smartphones and computers that must understand this process. To the consumer, it’s just a way to stay connected to friends and family to do business or shop the web and make purchases.


pcb useWhen is the last time you thought about the engineering aspect of an airplane when you boarded a 747 to go across the ocean on vacation as a tourist in a strange land?

Have you ever thought about how sensitive the instrumentation is and how carefully designed an aircraft must be to even stay in flight the way it’s supposed to? When you think about it, this very notion defies all scientific logic. It shouldn’t be possible that a multi-ton unit with wings could fly across the ocean with ease landing a few hours later and letting passengers out to go about their business. But it does.

What are the reasons that these procedures are due to PCB technology? PCB technology in aviation is responsible for the design and operation of the plane communications and guidance systems that determine which direction the plane is going. Without these mechanisms, airplanes would get off course before they reached their destination or plummet to the ground in confusion.

How important is that? Also, modern technologies have brought on the combination of PCB technology and drone construction, which is a modern version of the airplane that combines military-style tactics with flight control.

I feel that we are just beginning to touch the surface in these technologies. In the future, no doubt drone technology will take the lead as well as various robotics that will be employed by big companies such as Amazon and many others. They are already starting to use this technology to deliver packages straight to your door in a matter of minutes. You might wonder why Amazon didn’t do this a long time ago if the technology was available. The PCB system was there, but it took the combination of AI and other modern innovations that allowed for the merging of these systems.